Hip Specialties

We are one stop destination for providing excellent physiotherapy to the patients

We, PHYSIO WELLNESS, are a well noted physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic that have years of experience in treating the patients with our Orthopedic Physical Therapy .We are blessed to have a team of highly experienced physical therapists who believe in the establishing a connection between body and mind, through our holistic approach of physiotherapy, exercises and prevention. With us, people can get treated suffering from a wide range of conditions such as neck pain, orthopaedic issues, pelvic, sports injuries and hip pain.

Our team of qualified professionals

Physiotherapists, physicians and neurologists are main experts of our team who give their best efforts in treating the patients with proper care and excellent medical service. They all work in close coordination with each other in order to provide utmost relief from pain and satisfaction to the patients. Along with this, they to establish a treatment program for hip pain, musculoskeletal pain and hip dysfunction.

Our physicians also prescribe MRIs and X-rays to check about the bony anatomy and labral tears in the hip. This helps the doctors in identifying the main cause of hip pain and lower back pain. Our physical therapistsalsoaidthe patients inpointing out the muscle imbalances which causes the hip pain.

Factors that make us a reliable physiotherapy clinic

Right from Orthopedic Physical Therapy to sports rehabilitation, we do everything to help the patients get rid of their pain. Not only this, we are focusing on both the prevention and correction of disorders that are related with musculoskeletal pain of muscles, joints, fascia, cartilage, ligaments etc. Apart from this, there are various other reasons that make us a reliable clinic and these are as follows:

  • We don’t overcharge and this makes us unique from others
  • We are having friendly and skilled physiotherapists and trainers
  • With us, patients are trained with an individualized exercise routine for increasing their efficiency and flexibility
  • Our professionals give attention to each and every patient
  • Every treatment is performed step by step, right from past medical history check & posture analysis to global function tests & treatment.