Pelvic Pain/Floor Specialty

We are a reliable physiotherapy clinic, committed to serve patients with care

We, PHYSIO WELLNESS, are a one stop destination for the orthopaedic physical therapy, rehabilitation and many other services. We came into existence several years ago with an objective of providing flexible, reliable and cost effective physical therapy services to the patients. Not just this, we believe in practicing and providing evidence based therapies to the patients that enable us to make them healthy and fit along with speedy recovery. Our physiotherapists also have experience in treating pelvic pain. Our expertise is extended to the biomechanics of the hips, thorax and pelvis. One of the aspects that differentiate us from others is our personalized recovery plan. We follow different therapy and treatment plan for every individual depending on their medical history.

Services offered at PHYSIO WELLNESS

We have set the goals to make the patients free from aches & pain and get them back on a healthy life. For doing so, we have introduced different therapy plans which include posture assessment, biomechanical, low back pain therapy, sports rehabilitation, manual therapies,dry needling, acupressure, cranio sacrel therapy and many more depending on the type of pain. Before starting any treatment or therapy, we make sure to follow:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Assessment of the entire body
  • Individualized exercise and training
  • Appropriate treatment to the patient

How our physical therapies are beneficial to patients?

The therapies provided by highly skilled professionals are evidence-based therapeutic exercise plan that not only makes you get rid of your pain but also helps you to enjoy the life to the fullest. Right from our low back pain treatment to our pelvic floor program, all the programs are executed with an aim of speedy recovery of patients. We believe in one to one consultation of physiotherapists to the patients. Along with this, our expert first carefully listen the problems of the patients and then starts the assessment programs. Other than this, our therapies are highly beneficial to the patients in terms of immediate results, fast recovery, cost effectiveness, timely reporting of therapists and proper care. Do visit the official platform in order to grab some more knowledge in a discreet manner.