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Physiotherapy for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury in Noida


What is ACL injury?

ACL is actually one of the main ligaments in your knee. ACL injury is the tearing of this major ligament known as ACL, i.e. anterior cruciate ligament. Get an effective treatment for ACL Injury in Noida  This injury usually occurs in sports persons who might be engaged in changing directions, sudden stops or else jumping. ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament ) injury, the commonest ligament to be injured (60% of all ligament injuries) in the knee. Treatment of ACL injury does not need an open surgery in all patients. Physiotherapy is the initial stage to cure the injury. If you are looking for ACL Injury Physiotherapy Treatment in Noida then Dr Rakesh Tripathi the concerned person who takes care of this treatment under professional physiotherapists.There are three types of ACL injury depending upon the severity.

  • Grade I sprain – In it the pain and damage are minimal.
  • Grade II sprain- It is called a partial tear with more ligament damage and mild looseness of joint.
  • Grade III- joint is very loose, and the ligament is damaged entirely.

Causes of ACL injury

Anybody can injure their ACL; however, people who play high impact sports are prone to ACL injury. This injury occurs mainly in sports in which rapid pivoting and turning are common such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, downhill skiing and others. Age can be one more factor or cause of ACL injury and most common amid the age group of 15 to 45. Owing to a more active lifestyle can cause ACL injury along with more participation in sports. Women are said to be at higher risk for ACL injury because of genetics, strength, jumping and landing patterns.

Symptoms of ACL injury

At the time of getting hurt, many people hear a popping noise in their knee. However, it does not happen to everybody. Most common symptoms of ACL injury include

  • Swelling- during the first 24 hours.
  • Pain – you can experience pain along your knee joint line.
  • Lack of motion- you cannot bend and flex your knee after ACL injury.
  • Hard to walk- you cannot put pressure on your knee and cannot walk normally.

Diagnosis of ACL injury

The diagnosis of ACL injury includes knee checkup for tenderness and swelling. The doctor will move your knee to numerous positions to understand the range of motion and overall knee functions. Along with the physical examination, the diagnosis of ACL injury may include:

  • MRI – MRI uses radio waves to create images of hard and soft tissues in the body. It displays the extent and severity of ACL injury.
  • X rays - an X-ray may be required to check the bone fracture to properly visualize the ligaments and tendons.
  • Ultrasound- ultrasound may also be needed to check the internal structures, injuries in ligaments, muscles and tendons of the knee.

Treatment procedures involved in ACL injury

A doctor will recommend surgery if as an athlete you want to continue your sport. In case if many ligaments of the knee are injured, surgery can be recommended them too. According to the severity, Physiotherapy for ACL injury in Noida can be best sought through physiotherapy, as it is highly effective in numerous cases. Physiotherapy is accepted as the prime method for ACL injury sufferers to avoid surgery.

Physiotherapy can prove highly effective at promoting tissue healing, reducing pain and swelling. A physiotherapist will work you on proper exercises as well as stretching to help you to recover fast. The best part is that once your ligament heals, it will then also assist instrengthening the muscles of the knee like hamstring and quadriceps again.

Physiotherapy for ACL Injury 

  • Provide pain relief
  • Reduce tissue inflammation
  • Improve strength and alignment in knees
  • Restore muscle length and range of motion
  • Reduce the chances of injury reoccurrence

The net result after physiotherapy is improved balance, functionality and strength in the injured knee. It also offers stability and will protect the area.

Preventive Interventions

However, accidents are bound to happen but there are many ways by which we can prevent ACL injury. Especially athletes who are at a higher risk of experiencing ACL injury should follow preventive measures to reduce the risk:

  • Stretching is best for loosening body ligaments and muscles. Athletes should properly warm up and do stretching to prevent ACL injuries. They should focus on back and front muscles specifically as it will assist them to loosen muscles.
  • The prime causes of ACL injury are a sudden change in direction or else a sudden slow down or stop a collision or a faulty landing. So athletes should focus on balance to improve and to strengthen the small muscles of ankles, feet knees and legs.
  • There are specific types of training like learning pivot properly and jump routines can help an athlete to prevent ACL injuries. These exercises and training are beneficial if started at a young age.
  • Women are more prone to ACL injuries than men, and so it is very important for them to build the strength. Athletes specifically women should perform proper exercises to activate the right muscles. They can perform landing drills and jumping squats. 

ACL injuries can be prevented if the muscles that surround knees are flexible and strong. Prevention should focus on the proper nerve as well as muscle control of the knee. So take proper Physiotherapy for ACL Injury in Noida can surely reduce the risk of ACL injury.