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Low Back Pain

Back Pain

Engrossed In Treating The Patients Of Chronic Lower Back Pain With Excellent Physical Therapy

Back pain is a serious issue that can be caused by some medical conditions, injury or activity. It has been researched that this back pain is prevalent in people of all age group. In some cases, this pain goes on their own in some weeks. But, in other cases, people develop chronic back pain that needs proper medical attention.

There are many different sources in body that can cause low back pain. These sources include nerve, muscles tension, ligament, muscle spasm and lumbar disc. It is important to know about the exact source or pain, thus, doctors & physio therapist will first get to know about your symptoms and medical history. They will also perform some X-rays and MRI’s to know about the nerve root compression and many other issues.

Doctors And Physio Therapist Work In Sync

Physicians mainly prescribe medications for treating the lower back pain. These medicines help in reducing the nerve sensitivity and decreasing the pain. They also prescribe surgery and radio frequency denervation if the pain persists even after long term of medications. Sometimes, physicians also prescribe physiotherapy treatment for back pain.

Consideration Of Physical Therapy

Before starting any Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain, we first perform a physical examination of the patients for identifying the exact source of low back pain. This examination involves the movement and palpation of the pain. We basically perform the system of testing and retesting that enables us to identify the movement diagnosis and to do the specific treatment of physical therapy. After this, we check for an underlying cause of the symptoms like:

  • Do the patients feel any kind of weakness in any specific muscles?
  • We also check whether the posture of the patients influence their pain
  • Is there any movement fault such as lumbar flexion or rotation?
  • Do you have a classic movement fault like lumbar flexion, extension, or rotation?
  • When we control that movement, does it take away your pain?

Adoption Of Physical Therapy For The Treatment

After identifying the reason or source of your pain, you will be treated by therapists for Physiotherapy Treatment For Back Pain. They make use of different strategies for treating the back pain in no time. Their strategies also include massage and strengthening exercise. At this clinic, physical therapists make use of state of the art techniques to provide immediate as well as excellent results. Not just this, they also use real time ultrasound imaging for getting biofeedback about the deep muscle system including pelvic floor, multifidus and transverses abdominis.