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Offering Reliable And Effective Sports Physical Therapy To Regain Movement And To Perform Well In Sports

Whenever sports persons experience any kind injury or limited mobility in their body, they seek medical help of Sports Physical Therapy. This main objective of this physical therapy is to help the patients to overcome their limited movement and restore the ability to perform functional activities while playing sports. It mainly focuses on athletic or sports persons who suffer from an injury. So, if you are a sports person and looking for the best Rehabilitation centre in Noida then you are at the right place.

A Bit To Know About The Therapy Evaluation And Treatment

This Sports Physical Therapy is all about providing therapy and training for professional as well as beginner sports person or athletes such as dancers, tennis players, cricket players and many more. We mainly try to access the person’s muscle endurance and power. Along with this, we also perform biomechanical analysis and assessment of flexibility of the patients.

Evaluation Of Physical Therapy

At the start of a physical therapy evaluation, we make sports person to undergo functional testing. This helps us to determine the source and cause of the pain or the physical limitation which is preventing you from giving optimal performance. Physical therapists address the faults in general strength and muscle balance. This evaluation also helps us to determine areas of improvement in the patients.  


Once the evaluation process is done, physical therapists choose from numerous strategies tailored for every individual sports persons. We address sport specific strategies for maximizing the strength & power of the patients and for developing explosive force as well as speed. Along with this, we implement sports specific exercises that help the therapist and the athlete to know when and how much athlete is ready to handle the physical requirements of sports. The physical therapists also have created Along with evaluation and treatment, this therapy also emphasizes on prevention. This therapy addresses prevention of any kind of further injury and maintenance of the rehab program.