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Patient Education

How does physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapy is a mode of treatment, where your condition is being treated with the help of physical agents like electrical currents, manual assistance, exercise, etc. It’ll add a new dimension to your life style by training you about correct posture, relieving your pain & improving your functional efficiency.

Will my joint condition improve after physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy will definitely improve your condition, but specific changes or degeneration of your joints, are irreversible processes. But in cases of post traumatic stiffness, the functional range of movement of joints can be achieved. As much as, the clinical and the technical nature of your condition permits, full scope of recovery is offered at Physiowellness Physiotherapy Clinic.

Will Exercise or Physiotherapy increase the pain?

We, here at Physiowellness Physiotherapy Clinic believe in the concept of “No pain No Gain”. We follow to treat you in pain free manner, in such a way, so as to achieve the maximum pain relief and full functional abilities. 

Will the Physiotherapist assess me, even if I come with prescription of a practitioner?

Yes, even if you have approached us with prescription of a qualified practitioner, we will have a complete physiotherapy assessment session. In physiotherapy, muscle strength, posture, life style, your occupation etc. can affect your treatment protocols, so every minute detail is considered before preparing the same. Hence a complete assessment is done.

Who will decide my plan of Treatment?

At Physiowellness Physiotherapy Clinic, your treatment would be planned based on your assessment & it will be in synchrony with your consultant’s advice. In brief, it would be a team effort to realize the goal of pain relief.

Do I need daily treatment session?

Your condition will be our guide. After each treatment session, we will need few minutes; we’ll take a complete record of your condition and guide you about next treatment session. But the results will be much better if you visit us daily for initial few days.

How much time do I have to devote to physiotherapy department for my daily session?

Your treatment time will include (Time per modality and Number Of modality) +Manual treatment given by therapist (if any)+Your self exercise program (if any). On an average this will come out to be half an hour to one hour per day.

Are there any side effects of any modality / physiotherapy?

If & only if the Physiotherapy treatment is delivered with skill, precision & caution, no adverse side effects will be there. We care for you and every patient is our primary concern, therefore special attention is paid to your condition & its treatment.

Is same treatment given in all physiotherapy clinics?

The Treatment given at Physiowellness Physiotherapy Clinic is definitely different from other clinics, as we follow the concepts of manual therapy. We utilize the best possible technologies and skill to treat your problem. To feel the difference, you will have to walk in & see it for yourself.

When should I approach for physiotherapy, initially, or at a later stage?

It’s never too late to start therapy. Nevertheless, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’

Should I take a pain killer before/ after treatment?

If the medication is prescribed to you, then you must continue it in the advised manner. But you must inform your concerned therapist about all the medications you are following.

Is my mental stress a cause of the pain?

Your mental stress could be playing a part in your pain.

Should I stop my daily Exercise while taking treatment?

It depends from case to case; therefore such a query can only be answered after
conducting a thorough assessment.

Why do I need a home program when I am coming for the treatment?

A home exercise program is a part of most physiotherapy treatments, as these are important for reinforcement of the pain relief and maintenance of functional range of motion we have gained at the clinic. After all, we take your 1hour, the rest 23 belong to you!

Should I visit Physiotherapy clinic if I have fever?

No, if you are suffering from fever then you should take complete rest.

Do I need Dietary precaution during treatment session?

As such, no dietary precautions are to be taken. But you must take care of your health, so follow a complete nutritional diet. But certain conditions do need a dietary precaution. So you must ask your concerned therapist.

How long should I wait before or after the meals?

You must wait for at least ½ hour before or after having the meals before visiting the physiotherapy department.

Who needs neck exercises?

Everybody experiences neck discomfort or pain at some time in their lives due to their occupation. Women develop poor posture during their early teen period due to change in their body shape. A healthy neck supports your head, keeping it-aligned with the rest of your spine in a good balanced posture. Doing regular neck exercises for 15 minutes will help prevent pain in future and also will improve posture.

Who needs back exercises?

Back exercises can benefit a wide range of individuals, including those looking to improve posture, prevent back pain, strengthen core muscles, or manage existing back issues. It's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a fitness expert to determine the most suitable exercises based on individual needs and conditions.

How can a Physiotherapist can help with your back problems?

Physiotherapists can identify your problem and teach you proper body mechanics on how to do your job without causing injury to your back. Posture deficits can be identified and corrected immediately before further damage is done. If already suffering with pain, modalities such as ultrasound or IFT can be done with manipulation and mobilization ex. Physiotherapist can also help you to prevent further recurrence of the same problem.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is an advanced surgical technique that allows orthopedic surgeon to diagnose and treat your knee/shoulder injury. Arthroscopy is the initial step towards healthy knee but to regain full potential a visit to the physiotherapy clinic is a must.

Will the pain in my knee stop after Total Knee replacement?

As you recover the pain in your knee will reduce. Good proper exercise with the physiotherapist will relieve the pain you had before surgery.

What is the role of Physiotherapist after Total knee replacements?

Physiotherapist will help you in achieving your goal. He will help you in reducing the pain, increasing the movement and strength in your knee. He will also assist you to progress to Normal walking.

How do I check whether I have Normal Posture?

The best way to check your posture is to receive a thorough postural evaluation from a Physiotherapist. To determine if a professional opinion is needed you can evaluate your own posture by standing with your back to a wall, heels about 3 inches from the wall. Place one hand behind your neck, and one hand behind your back. If there is excessive space between the back and your hand you have a bad posture.

Why should I prefer your clinic for pain than any other clinic?

Our physiotherapists have a vast experience over more than 12 years. Patients are not just treated with routine modalities and strengthening exercises. We follow a holistic approach than just one part of the body. We try to analyze what is the root cause of the pain and plan our treatment accordingly to completely eliminate and prevent reoccurrence by teaching patient proper techniques and home exercise program. Our computer-generated exercises are customer friendly and can be easily remembered. We explain client about his problem and educate him on how to modify his life style without hurting himself again.

How Physiotherapy can help with knee Arthritis?

Physiotherapy can help early arthritic patient tremendously by eliminating the pain and with proper exercises and can slow down the wear and tear.
If the arthritis is severe and the wear and tear is bone on bone, much cannot be done with Physiotherapy and patient has to undergo knee replacement surgery. If patient is unable to undergo surgery, pain-relieving modalities along with exercises may help temporarily to relieve pain.

What other problems Physiotherapy can help?

Physiotherapy can help with all musculoskeletal injuries from acute to chronic stages. Earlier the intervention the better the results are. Every individual is different. Some respond to treatment faster than others. Patience and trust will definitely help to achieve the goal.

Can I go directly to a Physiotherapist if I have pain?

If you are already seeing a Dr please discuss with him whether Physiotherapy can help with your problems. If you have mild/mod pain you can consult a Dr or a Physiotherapist directly and if you have a severe pain please consult a Dr before going to a Physiotherapist. Lot of time you may have a past medical history, which your Dr might know better than a Physiotherapist. You always have the right to request your Physician where you want to go for your Physiotherapy.

If I have acute pain can I use hot or cold pack?

Usually hot is preferred by many people as it was used widely on olden days. Recent studies have shown cold pack has shown good improvement with acute pain than hot packs. Cold pack should be used only for a max of15/20 minute’s 3or 4 times a day. For Chronic pain cold or hot pack or both can be used alternately.

Why does my back pain always come back?

Back pain always comes back because we don’t follow dos and don’ts for back, once we start feeling better. Persons who had back injury, reoccurrence are common if they stop following back hygiene. To prevent reoccurrence continue doing home ex. your therapist has taught you (flexibility/stretching and strengthening exercises) for the rest of your life at least 3 times a day (15 minute program). Also strictly follow weight lifting, material handling techniques and good posture.

What can exercise do for me?

Exercise is good for everyone but you cannot just start doing exercises without consulting a health care provider. For ex. Back pain has specific flexibility and strengthening ex. Everyone is unique so it will be a good idea to discuss with a Physiotherapist before starting any specific exercise for any specific problem. Exercise is beneficial because it can help:

  •  Joint mobility
  • Strong muscles
  • Good flexibility in the joint /ligaments and muscles
  • Reduces friction in joints
  • Prevents reoccurrence of pain
  • Improve activities of daily living
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Increased energy
  • Controls your weight
  • Heart and Lungs stronger