Massage Therapy

Engrossed in providing excellent care to the patients and relief from pain

Aided by a deft team of specialists & professionals, we, PHYSIO WELLNESS, are involved in offering excellent services of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, massage therapy, acupressure, acupuncture and many more to the patients. Our team of physiotherapists and physicians work together with strong commitment for providing the best quality care and treatment. Along with this, we focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere to the persons. We always keep our patients at the centre of better treatment and care.

Better care with team work

Whether it about sports rehabilitation or low back pain, we offer massage therapy services for every pain and aches. Our health care professionals such as trainers and physiotherapists work together for helping in speedy recovery of strained muscles and pain. Our therapists provide a healing hand for the treatment and massage therapy. At PHYSIO WELLNESS, we believe in following excellent multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Parameters on which we qualify

Services provided by our clinic will our patients in relieving pain from injury reduce & muscle tension and you reducing stress. Our diverse range of therapy and treatment solutions not only helps the patients in getting well but also in staying pain free. Because of our well trained professionals and transparency in therapy services, we are able to satisfy our patients in terms of immediate results. Apart from this, there are several others aspects and parameters on which we have excelled. These include:

  • Highly affordable services and therapies for low back pain and other pain.
  • Timely reporting by physiotherapists as we are dedicated to make our customers fully satisfied. 
  • Making use of evidence-based therapeutic treatment and exercise. 
  • We focus on giving priority to the patients and their problems. 
  • Follow specific strategy to alleviate pain related to ligaments, muscles, joints etc..